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Sustainability is defined as ‘acting in a manner that meets the needs of today without hampering the ability of future generations to meet their needs as well’.

At Novelis, it means much more than that.

Novelis is committed to working with all of its key stakeholders to realise social, environmental and economic benefits for people around the world. Whether it’s through the design and application of innovative products, recycling aluminium post-use, or by building long term partnerships through our stakeholder engagement efforts. Novelis is working to integrate sustainability into all aspects of our business.

We operate with a mind-set that integrates the many parts of our business activities and links the social and environmental aspects to our key economic business objectives. By doing this, we will continually find new ways of creating greater value for all of Novelis’ stakeholders and society as a whole.

Novelis has established a set of performance metrics and stretch targets that go beyond compliance. We strive to exceed stakeholder expectations and improve the quality of life through our products and actions. We will partner with our supply chain partners and communities on the voyage toward sustainability and we will communicate transparently our vision, objectives and performance.

Novelis Sustainability Objectives

By 2020 we will:

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