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Site Safety: Information for Haulage Companies and Drivers

Novelis regards the health and safety of its employees and agents as a top priority, therefore we reserve the right to reject deliveries that we believe compromise their health and safety.

Please be aware of the following rules, which apply to deliveries into Novelis Recycling at Warrington and should also be followed when delivering into any of our Regional Aggregation Centres.

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) minimum requirements:
    Hi-visibility clothing  /  Hard hat  /  Safety glasses  /  Hearing protection (required for certain areas).
    Vehicles will not be loaded / unloaded unless the driver is wearing the correct PPE.
  2. All vehicles arriving at site will be directed to park in an area outside site and then report to security to ‘check in’.
  3. If there are any issues the driver will be told to obtain correct PPE or paperwork/information before returning to Security.
  4. Once PPE and details are correct the driver will be requested either to drive onto site for unloading/loading or given a pager to wait in truck until ‘paged’.
  5. It is important that your driver has the Transporeon booking slot reference when he reports to Security.
  6. Should drivers have to leave their vehicles, they must keep to the marked walkways.
  7. Passengers are not allowed on site. Drivers carrying passengers must drop them off in reception before entering the premises, but be aware that they will not be supervised.
  8. If there are problems with a driver’s load, enquiries should be made via their office.

As a refreshment of current booking system rules;

Arrival > 2 hours early
Driver will be rejected and told to exit the area around Thelwall Lane and return maximum 1 hour before booked time.

Arrival after booking slot start time
This is considered LATE and driver will either be directed to wait in area until ‘paged’ onto site (priority will be given to on-time vehicles), or rejected and told to exit the area around Thelwall Lane and to re-book for next day.

We request that all carriers schedule to arrive for ‘check in’ a minimum of 15 minutes (45 minutes for international loads) before the booking slot time.

Any vehicle parked overnight on Thelwall Lane will be refused access to site.

Download the Novelis Health & Safety Policy (PDF)

Waste Management Regulations

The Novelis Used Beverage Can Recycling Plant is controlled under the Environment Permitting Regulations. Permit number BL6802IU.

Under these regulations, we do not require a Waste Management License as all waste and processes are covered under the above procedure.

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