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Quality Matters: Earn More from your Deliveries

The Problem

Supplying contaminated cans costs your business money

Cutting contamination can be achieved by use of simple technology, good housekeeping and training. We are committed to working with our suppliers to help you achieve our quality specification.

Why we penalise contaminated loads

Put simply, contamination costs us money!

Why high quality UBCs are important to us and the industry

Can sheet is produced to exacting standards. Over recent years, manufacturers have reduced the thickness of can sheet, allowing more cans to be produced from the same quantity of sheet. To achieve this, can sheet must be produced to much tighter tolerances.

As a supplier of quality UBCs you will help ensure a quality end product.

The Solution

Simple technology, good housekeeping and training will increase the quality of your deliveries.

Staff training

Your staff are the key to successfully cutting contamination.

Experience tells us that employees are usually willing to make the effort to produce a quality product.

Contamination can be prevented by staff being more aware of the potential problems, and understanding the need to be vigilant. Use this website to help inform and educate staff about the importance of eliminating contaminants, by explaining the impact of contaminants on the recycling process and, ultimately, your business.

Novelis Recycling’s business development executives are happy to help with staff training. We can usually supply supporting materials to reinforce the key messages as part of an ongoing training and awareness programme.

Key areas for staff training

Materials handling

Processing material

Can processing equipment


Check and clean your machinery regularly

General cleanliness

We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping all operational areas and equipment clean.

Your suppliers

Practice what you preach!

Encourage and educate your suppliers to understand the importance of quality and the need to cut contamination.

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