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Procedure for Dealing with Contaminated Loads

It is accepted that all suppliers delivering to Novelis agree to our terms of supply.

  1. If your delivery does not meet our specification, you will be given the opportunity to collect the material, or to have the delivery decontaminated at your cost.
    If you agree to decontamination, the material may have to be transported to a designated reprocessing centre, where contaminants will be removed to meet our specification.
    When the decision is taken to reprocess your load you, or your driver, may be asked to sign to say you accept that your load, or part of your load, is to be reprocessed.
  2. On arrival at the reprocessing centre, a weighbridge ticket will be issued for the full weight of your delivery.
    This will not be the weight you are paid for. The weight of contaminants removed during the clean up process will be deducted from the delivered weight. Novelis Recycling will only pay on the out turn of aluminium beverage cans.
  3. Due to the amount of work involved in arranging decontamination, Novelis Recycling will make a charge of at least £10 / tonne to cover administration.
    This charge, along with reprocessing costs, transport, and handling fees will be deducted from your payment.
  4. A self-billing invoice will be raised in the usual way.
    This will include the weight after removal of contamination and the reduced price per tonne that you will receive.

Novelis Recycling is unable to inform suppliers of the price per tonne before decontamination has been carried out, nor are we able to guarantee a time period for decontamination or subsequent payment. This will vary depending on the amount of work required to meet our specification.

For advice and support on cutting contamination, please contact the relevant metal buyer for your area:
North (including Scotland) and North Wales: Bob Meath (Tel: 07793 306238 / Email Bob)
South, Midlands & Ireland: Keith Guest (Tel: 07702 826200 / Email Keith)

Delivery Procedure

All deliveries should be made direct to our Latchford plant or to one of our aggregation centres. Please ensure you understand our terms of supply, in particular our policy on contaminated loads. Please contact our Metal Buying team if you have any questions.

1. Booking your delivery

All deliveries should be made to a Novelis Recycling Regional Aggregation Centre. Please contact the Aggregation Centre to book your delivery.

Please give at least 24 hours notice – deliveries may be turned away if not booked in advance.

2. When you arrive at the Regional Aggregation Centre

Novelis regards the Health & Safety of its employees and agents as a top priority (also see Site Safety). For this reason we insist on our suppliers complying with strict guidelines when delivering material:

Payment Procedure

1. Register as a Supplier – Complete a Self-Billing Form

Before making your first delivery please register as a supplier. All you have to do is return a completed Self Billing Form, so that we can pay you via the self-invoicing system. You will be issued with a unique supplier code, or RE6 number.

Registration / Self-billing Form

If you’re VAT-registered, you will need to provide us with a copy of your VAT Registration Certificate. Your Business Development Executive will confirm your payment terms.

2. After you’ve delivered, the Regional Aggregation Centre will send us information about your load.

Please do not send us an invoice!

3. You will Receive a payment direct into your bank account

Payment for deliveries will be made directly into your nominated bank account (we accept no responsibility if this payment is delayed).

Further information:

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