What aluminium do you buy?2022-05-23T10:05:50+00:00

Novelis Recycling only buys used aluminium beverage cans. If you have any other alloy, please contact the relevant contact for your area:

North (including Scotland) and North Wales:
Bob Meath (Tel: 07793 306238 / Email Bob)

South, Midlands & Ireland:
Robbie Davies (Tel: 07815 661820 / Email Robbie)

For information on recycling other types of aluminium packaging contact The Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro).

Do you buy cans from outside the UK and Republic of Ireland?2018-08-21T13:38:39+00:00

If your cans are from outside the UK and Republic of Ireland please email Paul Garlick.

Do you accept aerosols?2018-08-21T13:39:08+00:00

We will only accept de-pressurised aerosols, evenly mixed with UBC’s up to a maximum 2% by weight. Any loads that are found to contain a higher percentage of aerosols are subject to rejection.

Will you buy cans with plastic widgets?2022-05-23T10:00:20+00:00

We accept post-consumer collected cans containing widgets as long as they are mixed at a low level with cans without widgets. If you have a load containing a high percentage of widgeted cans please contact the relevant Novelis Recycling contact for your area:

North (including Scotland) and North Wales:
Bob Meath (Tel: 07793 306238 / Email Bob)

South, Midlands & Ireland:
Robbie Davies (Tel: 07815 661820/ Email Robbie)

South East:
Paul Garlick (Tel: 07766 504669 / Email Paul)

Can I have my pallets/runners back?2018-08-21T13:40:27+00:00

Unfortunately not. Your delivery has to be transported to Latchford on the pallets / runners so we are unable to let you have them back.

Does Novelis Recycling have a Waste Management Licence?2018-08-22T10:53:45+00:00

The Novelis Used Beverage Can Recycling Plant is controlled under the Integrated Pollution Control (IPC) and has an IPC Permit Number BL6802IU.

Under these regulations, which are controlled by the Environment Agency, we are not required to hold a Waste Management Licence. Click here to download this information.

What should I do if our address or bank details have changed?2018-08-21T13:42:20+00:00

Please let us have your new details, in writing. Don’t forget to quote your supplier code. You can either:

I am VAT registered but do not have a copy of my VAT certificate. Can you still buy my cans?2018-08-21T13:42:49+00:00

We will still be able to buy your cans but we will be unable to pay you VAT. You can invoice us separately for the VAT once you have received our self-billing invoice. Your VAT invoice, along with a copy of the self-billing invoice should be sent to Robbie Davies, Novelis Recycling, Latchford Locks Works, Thelwall Lane, Warrington WA4 1NN.

Further questions?

Please contact us. We will be happy to help with your query.

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