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Novelis Recycling pay competitive prices for your high quality aluminium beverage cans

Novelis Recycling, the UK’s leading recycler of aluminium beverage cans are now actively seeking new suppliers to augment our existing network of used aluminium beverage can suppliers. It’s quick and easy to become a supplier of used aluminium beverage cans to Novelis Recycling, competitive prices are always paid for good quality aluminium beverage cans and we have a comprehensive network of delivery points across the UK.

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If you would like to know more about becoming a supplier to Novelis Recycling please phone Keith Guest on 01925 784138.


The Novelis Recycling metal buying team

Our metal buying team will provide you with all the support and advice you need to become a supplier, including advice on setting up an aluminium beverage can collection scheme and advice on quality and contamination issues.

Recycled aluminium provides exceptional environmental and energy saving advantages. Our recycling process sets the standard for recycling – closed loop recycling means a used can could be back on the shop shelves in around 60 days.

Bob Meath

Bob Meath

Tel: 01925 784135
Mobile: 07793 306238
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Keith Guest

Keith Guest

Tel: 01925 784138
Mobile: 07702 826200
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