Aluminium Quality

We are committed to working with our suppliers to help meet our quality specification.

Cutting contamination can be achieved by the use of simple technology, good housekeeping and training. See the “Staff Training Checklist” for tips on making high quality an everyday exercise.

The greater operating costs and higher risks of dealing with contaminated loads affects our ability to pay the best price for poor quality materials. So, supplying good quality aluminium saves your business money and ensures that can sheet is produced to the exacting standards which the industry demands.

Your suppliers

Practice what you preach!

Encourage and educate your suppliers to understand the importance of quality and the need to cut contamination.

  • Explain the problems caused by contamination.

  • Encourage them to visit this website to find out more!

  • Reject material if necessary – penalise for poor quality.

  • Grade your suppliers.

  • Carry out spot checks on loads.