Private Sector Case Studies

Lightweight and versatile, aluminium is high value material. During 2018, the UK market for drinks cans converted to 100% aluminium meaning that it is even easier to collect and separate used aluminium beverage cans (UBC) and there is even greater value in the end-product. Novelis as a global leader in aluminium recycling and a specialist in closed loop can to can recycling is well placed to support your business in maximising the quantity and quality of the used beverage cans you collect.

Our European business with plants in Warrington, UK and in Germany operates an integrated remelting and rolling system that can convert used beverage cans back to highly engineered sheet aluminium ready for conversion by a can-making company in as little as 60 days. For our suppliers we operate an ‘open door’ policy so that your company can be assured of where the aluminium beverage cans collected are reprocessed. We can also support your company’s traceability and transparency polices with documentary evidence to provide to your clients on our closed loop process.

When it comes to such a high value product, quality matters and our team of metal buyers are experienced in providing advice and support to ensure you create the best quality and receive the best value for your material. So whether an existing supplier, or coming new to the world of aluminium recycling please contact your local metal buyer to explore the options open to you.