Novelis published its Fiscal Year 2018 Sustainability Report on the 8th November. The report articulates the company’s purpose of “Shaping a Sustainable World Together” through a global commitment to the products it makes and the people it serves. A highlight of the company’s environmental stewardship is that its production output in the fiscal year was comprised of 57% recycled content. This is an increase of two percent over the prior year and marks a steady rise since the metric was formally tracked at a baseline of 30 percent (an average of FY07-09 performance).

Achievements with customers, partners, employees and the community from FY2018 include:

  • Through the Novelis Safety System, a systematic approach to risk reduction and maintaining employee safety, the company achieved industry-leading safety performance.
  • The global Novelis workforce supported more than 250 community projects at 30 sites in 10 countries in support of global and local causes aligned with the company’s purpose.
  • Novelis supported and provided aluminium for 45 FIRST Robotics teams worldwide with the aim to inspire young people to seek science and technology careers.
  • Now in its second year of a five-year pledge to Habitat for Humanity International. Novelis built its first designated Recycle for Good home, funded entirely by proceeds from recycled aluminium bottles and cans collected at sporting and recreational events.
  • Novelis recently announced a partnership with the London Electric Vehicle Company to provide aluminium for its all-new, zero-emissions capable taxi, which has a lightweight aluminium frame helping to reduce carbon emissions and increase electric battery range.

Given the infinitely-recyclable properties of aluminium, recycling aluminium produces about 95 percent fewer GHG emissions and requires about 95 percent less energy than primary aluminium production. These properties enable Novelis to achieve lower emissions and drive sustainable value across its business segments of beverage can, automotive and high-end specialties. For example, Novelis recycles approximately 65 billion used beverage cans a year, returning them to store shelves in approximately 60 days. In the automotive space, Novelis helps customers achieve their sustainability goals through scrap metal collection and closed-loop recycling.

For more information and to download the Fiscal Year 2018 Novelis Sustainability Report, visit: