Novelis Recycling UK

Novelis is the leading global supplier of rolled aluminium sheet for the automotive industry.

Our experience and global footprint, commitment to innovation and product quality and the relationships we’ve forged with leading automakers set us apart as the preferred partner worldwide.

The Market

With a 50% market share our products are now featured in more than 180 models and many of the world’s premier brands have called on us to bring their latest innovations to market. We’re working with our customers to create the next generation of automobiles that deliver the performance consumers seek while also helping to create a more sustainable world for us all.


Novelis is a global innovation leader and our products are changing the transportation industry by enabling new levels of effectiveness and efficiency. The Novelis Advanz™ product portfolio includes high performing alloys which satisfy the requirements of all applications.


As the leading low carbon aluminium supplier, we offer our customers the ability to deliver products with a smaller environmental footprint. Since 2011, the company has increased its recycled inputs from 33% to nearly 50% and continues to pursue this goal.

Closing the Loop with Customers

As we implement our recycling strategy our customers are becoming our suppliers by providing us with their scrap aluminium. The benefits in supply chain management and efficiencies of this closed loop are unparalleled, providing tremendous advantages to both the customer and Novelis. As a matter of course, our contracts include an agreement to buy back our customers’ aluminium scrap as much as possible.

Closed Loop Infographic

Supplying Leading Automakers Worldwide

Novelis enjoys long standing customer relationships with their global automotive customers. We have been partnering with the world’s major brands for more than 40 years on novel solutions for vehicles.

Leading Automakers

How Aluminum Vehicles are Made

Car makers around the world are switching to aluminum intensive solutions to improve fuel efficiency, performance and sustainability in vehicles ranging from pickup trucks and SUVs to sports cars. From the 2015 Ford F-150 to the Jaguar XE, Novelis aluminum is everywhere. But how? This infographic gives a quick look at how aluminum vehicles are made – and recycled – providing greater sustainability on and off the road.


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