Andy Doran, Senior Manager, Sustainability & Recycling Development, Novelis Europe, participated recently in the launch webinar of the aluminium beverage can recycling Roadmap by European Aluminium and Metal Packaging Europe. The two associations have joined forces to set out an ambitious Roadmap towards achieving 100% aluminium beverage can recycling by 2030.

The Roadmap was launched during the webinar itself and was attended by over 200 stakeholders, including representatives from manufacturers of beverage cans and recyclers of used aluminium beverage cans, all of whom share the same goal of reaching a truly circular economy within the next ten years. Novelis’ Andy Doran was joined by a panel of guest speakers from across the industry:

Oliver Graham, CEO Global – Ardagh Metal Packaging and Metal Packaging Europe Beverage Board Chair; KeştuţisSadauskas, Director for Circular Economy and Green Growth, DG Environment, European Commission; Sophie Genier, Director Recycling, CITEO, France; Kjell Olav A. Maldum, General Director, Infinitum, Norway;Vanya Veras, Secretary-General, Municipal Waste Europe, Belgium; Menno Koopman, Founder & Owner, SoulWater.

Andy Doran, who is also the current Chairman of the European Aluminium Packaging Group commented on the Roadmap: “While we are confident that we can achieve this ambitious target, it will require the participation and support of the entire value chain. We therefore call on our partners, including brand owners, retailers, consumers, packaging recovery organisations, recyclers and others, to work with us to further improve the collection of cans, as part of a joint mission to fully close the loop and move from the current recycling rate of 76.1% to a real recycling rate of 100% in 2030.”

If you missed the discussions and would like to view the webinar now, please click the following link:

To view the slides from Andy Doran and fellow guest speaker, Oliver Graham CEO Global – Ardagh Metal Packaging and Metal Packaging Europe Beverage Board Chair, please click here: