The recycling rate for aluminium cans continues to increase year on year and according to packaging waste recovery data, recently released by the Environment Agency, aluminium packaging easily achieved its 2017 business target. This is fantastic news, especially as the issue of packaging pollution has never been more paramount..

Data has also shown that 92% of the aluminium packaging collected for recycling in the UK, is recycled within Europe, demonstrating that there is more than sufficient capacity within the EU to recycle the aluminium packaging recovered for recycling in the UK.

Novelis are proud to contribute to these statistics, being the world’s leader recycler of aluminium, recycling around 60 billion used beverage cans globally every year. We have been driving the development of the infrastructure for aluminium beverage can recycling since 1990. We also offer advice and support on all aspects of setting up, running and marketing a successful aluminium packaging recycling scheme.

Continuing to increasing awareness and understanding of what happens to used aluminium packaging when it is recycled is crucial in continuing to drive the level of recycling. There are widespread concerns that we cannot ignore about where recycling ends up and whether it is actually recycled. Novelis are committed to driving this awareness through partnerships with schools and museums, inspiring future generations.