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Novelis Recycling presents Cheshire West & Chester Council with Award

Residents of Cheshire West & Chester (formerly Vale Royal) can be confident that their recycling efforts are not going to waste after the recycling team at the council received an award from Novelis, the company that reprocesses the aluminium drink cans collected in the area’s kerbside recycling service.

Novelis is the world’s leading recycler of used aluminium drink cans and the company recently presented Cheshire West & Chester Council with a Quality Award in recognition of the consistently high standard of aluminium used beverage cans (UBCs) being supplied for recycling. Novelis is keen to recognise and reward the efforts of suppliers who achieve good can quality because the presence of contaminants such as glass, steel, paper or plastic can disrupt the efficiency of the aluminium recycling process and pose a safety risk in the recycling plant.

Cheshire West & Chester Council provides a recycling service to households in the areas of Chester, Vale Royal and Ellesmere Port & Neston, collecting paper, plastic and mixed (aluminium and steel) food and drink cans. In 2009 over 97 tonnes of cans (approximately 6.3 million1) were sent for reprocessing to the Novelis used beverage can recycling plant at Warrington, Cheshire.

At the Novelis plant, aluminium cans are melted down to produce ingots of recycled metal which are then used in the manufacture of more drink cans, a process that can be repeated infinitely. This ‘closed recycling loop’ saves 95% of the energy required to make aluminium from its raw materials, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by the same amount2. The plant is Europe’s only dedicated aluminium can recycling plant, and has the capacity to recycle every one of the 5.5 billion aluminium cans sold in the UK for the foreseeable future.

Roy Phillips, Recycling Centre Manager for the council, and five of his team visited the Latchford plant to see the can recycling process for themselves.

During the visit, the Quality Award was presented to the team by Novelis Recycling Business Development Executive Bob Meath, who said: “It is a great pleasure to present this award in recognition of the hard work that the recycling team at Cheshire West & Chester consistently puts into ensuring that the aluminium cans they supply for recycling are of the highest quality. By supplying Novelis with quality aluminium cans they are maintaining the closed recycling loop and this means that in around 60 days the cans recycled in this part of Cheshire can be back on sale as new cans.”

Roy Phillips said: “The award is testament to the efforts of everyone in the team. They work extremely hard and deserve this recognition for their dedication in ensuring that we provide the highest standard of material to Novelis. It’s been most interesting and informative to visit the Novelis plant at Latchford and see just how vital it is that we supply quality clean cans for recycling.”

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